A lot of the characters in this web comic are amalgams of people I know and care about, and Anorra is no exception. Her strength, independence, and love of mermaids and unicorns are traits that I have given her that are also very much like my wonderful wife. And like many of the events that happen in the comic, this page is based on something that actually happened in one of our games. Anorra’s encounter here with the mermaids is much like a game tale we still tell to this day.

In this adventure in particular, a vile necromancer was at the center of a nefarious plot where the heroes were called to intervene. After combating some very basic undead, the party came across a zombified unicorn, its horn brutally removed. While this is basically a zombie horse, it very much upset my wife. In a very “Anorra” fashion, she lashed out at me with righteous indignation and gave me several mild punches to the shoulder for the abomination I had inflicted upon her. Did I mention that Anorra’s temper is partially modeled from my wife as well?