Issue 7 : Page 20
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  1. Only trust her? But what wrong with –wait never mind.

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  1. Stephen

    Once more I wonder if the characters have read the manuals. ><

    1. If you are are considered unarmed you don't normally get an attack of opportunity.
    2. Attacks of Opportunity do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

    Everyone at this table would hate me.

    • 1. Most “casters” are not considered “armed” in the normal sense of the word. However, casting a spell does provoke an opportunity of attack.
      2. True.
      3. Also, unless one has the Combat Reflexes, only 1 opportunity of attack is available anyway. Even still, it is only ever 1 AoO per target. Don’t recall ever witnessing a time where a player was able to get two AoO against 1 target.

      It is important to note also that this web comic doesn’t necessarily hold to any one given “system” of rules. Keep in mind that some of these bits are done, tongue in cheek, to add to the jovial nature of the writing itself.

      We do appreciate the feedback, we don’t get enough of it IMHO.

    • Thank you for continuing to read our web comic! As the Webmaster pointed out, this is a joke made at the Attack of Opportunity rules. There is no way I would allow this behavior at my game. It was a way to set up the premise of a mage duel being a ridiculous slap fight. The “rules” of G&G may or may not follow your favorite version of D&D or any other system I see fit to borrow fun stuff from. As a side note, I have apparently done a good job teaching the Webmaster the rules.

      Thank you again for your support! I hope to continue to hear your thoughts on the comic.

  2. Hey folks, this is your artist here. I know there are a few of you who visit who may or may not go to our Facebook page. But I would like to put this out there for you as well. We are looking for submissions for Christmas Special guest artist strips. Ideally I would like 12 of you who would be interested to send your submissions to us. Kind of like a 12 days of G&Gmas. If we can’t we won’t, but it would be nice to see others takes on our characters. Please contact me via the contact page and we will talk about what we ask of guests, and as always constant readers thank you for your visits to the site. I hope to find more time to interact with you, our readers, as time goes on.

  3. Sir Rennifer of Avancourt

    Serves him right to assume he could handle a dragon’s powers, especially a live one.

  4. Sir Rennifer of Avancourt

    Some dragons have no luck at all.

  5. Stephen

    It’s important to note here that in regards to speaking as a free action manuals tend to emphasize that this is intended to be one or two short, quick sentences and not intended for monologues. Love that you’re including this as a joke in the comic.

    • I see Jim as someone who is not above breaking the rules to tell his story. But yes, you are technically correct, which is the best kind of correct.

  6. Sir Rennifer of Avancourt

    Nice play on Rift. For a handful of dollars one can buy all the coins one needs to get the better gear.

    • Thank you. A friend of mine posted this idea on Facebook so I ran with it.

  7. Kreldor

    Ah, Tuckers kobolds. Suma Cumlaudi, not sure if I spelled it right, of the school of viciousness. An old staple of sadistic DMs every where. First caught wind of those about the same time as the first edition of Grimtooths Traps came out.

    • You were close; it is summa cum laude.

      I am recently new to the whole D&D thing (been playing for the past 5 years) so it is nice to hear when someone with more historical knowledge points out some of these references the writer/illustrator knows for us “newer” players.

      Thank you for posting!

    • Kobolds are one of those things every DM throws at a new player. I remember hearing about Tucker’s kobolds early into my gaming career. I also remember one new player was robbed by a solitary kobold and refused to fight back for fear of death.

  8. Luckey

    I’m loving the Dwarf.

    This is great stuff so far. I think any game group can relate to at least some of this.

    Keep it up. Great stuff.

    • Luckey

      ;n a somewhat related note, did you (writer?) Use to do online RP on yahoo!Chat? Because Ayani (or Ayenee) was the “realm” that a lot of the fantasy RP stuff was in. (In reality it was the Arts and Entertainment (A & E, get it?) Tab) specifically the Vampire Tavern?

      • Thank you for reading! I’m not from those groups, sorry. Many years ago I played in the AOL chatroom “Green Dragon Inn” but that is my limit to online role play. The world name actually came from the artist’s suggestion from his world map. Funny coincidence the name is similar. Do I need a disclaimer? “All similarities to alternate fantasy worlds is purely coincidental.”

        • Luckey

          No prob. That’s just a fun coincidence. Again, great stuff keep it up.

  9. Stacy

    Great comic so far!

  10. I love the story so far, I am eager to follow along as it gets updated! I have a player exactly like Shane in my current D&D group.. I feel for your DM.. haha!

    • Thank you Xaipher for your comment. It seems (as I also DM) there is at least one in every group!

      Good things are coming soon, so stay tuned!

    • Obviously you write what you know. I have played with people like Shane and Frank. I hope as the plot advances you can start to see your other players in Anna, Darren, and Pete (and maybe a little of Jim in yourself)!

  11. Vera

    It seems like a nice comic.

    One thing you should into, however, is fixing the size of the reading box you get to after clicking “start from the beginning”.
    It is smaller than the pages, so the bottom of the page is cut off and the text is harder to read. It’s a bad first impression.
    It shouldn’t be hard to fix, I think.

    • Vera

      Oh, and I just discovered that you can click the page to see it as it was meant to be seen, but there’s no forward button.
      Am I meant to click in, see the page, click back out and THEN click forward? That is way too much work, compared to how other comics do it. You should really consider switching to “next” and “last” buttons. You do not want to make people work to read your comic. Make it easier for people to access your comic, you’ll benefit.

      • Actually there is a forward/back/exit buttons. This is a third party application and it took me a few trys to figure it out. Once you click on the comic’s page and it brings it full screen, scroll up just a hair and you will see 3 small buttons at the top right hand corner. That is the navigation.

        Pretty soon we will be releasing a full fledged custom design and it will be much nicer and easier to navigate. For right now, we kinda have to deal with what is “cookie cutter” and make it work. That announcement should come very soon.

        Again, thank you so much for your feedback. We sincerely appreciate it!

        Happy Geeking! :)

    • Thank you for your feedback. I see what you mean about it cutting off the bottom a little bit. Not sure why it is doing that; seems to be a recent thing as it was working fabulously before. I will look into it and see what the issue is.

      Appreciate it.

  12. DSmaster21

    This seems like a good comic so far. I hope it continues. It is nice to find a comic in my timezone, helps me know when the next comic’ll be ready.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Yes, the writer and artist plan on continuing this webcomic for many weeks, months, years to come!

      • We do plan for it to be a long and fun filled ride.

  13. Nice art, clean lines, solid colouring and I appreciate the depth of field being used here. :) Keep it up.

    • Thank you so much for your positive feedback!

      We do have a very talented artist here, I agree.

      • Aww your gonna make me blush!

  14. Jace

    I didn’t get who the speaker in red was supposed to be. Was it the DM? I like that the characters speak consistently in their own voices even when referencing something outside the game world, its the strength of the humor so far – keep that consistency or throw me a bone for who the red speaker is.

    • Thanks for reading Jace! The idea was that the GM speaks in the yellow text boxes and the other speech boxes would be color coded based on the color scheme of the character speaking. In this case, it was Gondur speaking. We will take your feedback into consideration moving forward. Thank you for speaking up!

    • After some discussion we have come up with a way to fix this issue. It will be easier to discern on the next page.

    • Please see the updated pages and the instructions on the About page for how this was resolved.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  15. David

    Don’t blink..

  16. LabAsian

    “Frost Impressions”

    I’ll admit, I died a little inside.

    Anywho, the cast looks interesting and the comic is surprisingly colorful considering the current arc is in the frozen wastelands. Or frozen lands, at least. Looking forward to see where this is going.

    • You win some, you lose some. :)

      Thank you for stopping by to give us your input!

    • You never were one to put up with my puns though. I will try to keep the lame ones to a minimum. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  17. kara

    hey hawkins you should really put your pic on the website
    kara kid you met this morning in purple shirt

    • The artist is working on characterizations to be utilized in place of actual photos for the website itself. Maybe I can talk the others into updating their Gravatar as a profile pic like mine.

      Whudaya say fellas?

      • I believe that could be done. But I will get to work on the characterizations today or tomorrow.

    • Thank you for visiting the website Kara! It was very nice to meet you this morning. As Webmaster Jeremiah said, we will be having drawings from our talented artist up soon to represent all of us. I hope you continue to enjoy the comic. Remember to check back on Sundays for more comics!

  18. Your Daughter

    awesome comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To: Dad (Jeremy Hawkins)

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