Chapter 3: Issue 10 – Page 07
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  1. Greetings Goblinoids!

    First off we would like to apologize for the lack of page this week. We had a wonderful weekend at Kantcon. Made many new friends, perhaps a few new readers. Perhaps some of you reading this now are new. If so welcome. This weeks page has been postponed until 07/28/2019. We will resume our regularly scheduled updates as soon as this week is over. Thank all of you who come and visit us every week!


  2. On the last page I was thinking about how they SHOULD have stairs in the avian city.
    Yes, they can fly, BUT what about those whose wings get hurt? Or the elderly? Having stairs is the same as having wheelchair access.
    It looks like now their leader is going to see the advantage of catering to the disabled.

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