It’s been almost exactly eight years since the first page of Geeks and Goblins was published. In that time we tried to publish a weekly comic that would hopefully enjoy with great art, silly jokes, and lots of pop-culture references. The art has definitely improved over the years, and I hope the writing has as well. We have never had a lot of money to invest in this comic, but it has been a labor of love between friends. We have met some of you at conventions in the Kansas City area and we are thankful for all the support you have shown us over the years, through your comments on our website, buying our swag, and just by reading the comic. It has been wonderful talking with you and sharing this adventure.
Unfortunately we are sad to announce we will no longer be posting weekly updates. Times are changing for us and we cannot continue to bring you a full color weekly comic any more. As you may have noticed recently, our updates are becoming less regular due to these mounting pressures in other parts of our lives. Our illustrious artist Jonathan Romp has worked tireless hours trying to keep up and the pressures of balancing between family life and free comics cannot continue in this manner. As of the end of issue 14, we have agreed to no longer put the pressure of scheduled updates on ourselves.
Jonathan has agreed to continue drawing the comic at his own pace and release new issues when completed, without a deadline. I will continue writing the comic in my free time, and we plan to hopefully continue by publishing entire issues at a time rather than a weekly comic. I have a plan for the direction of the plot through 25 issues total and I have set up major plot reveals into the story that have yet to come to fruition that I would like to resolve. What is going on with Anorra’s powers? What is the real story behind Otto’s brother? Why is Shane so upset by Jim’s twist of Otto’s backstory? And now, how is Gillyfizz back and how will it affect the party? I don’t want to leave these stories untold and I plan to complete the adventure eventually.
As I said above, this comic has always been a labor of love. Unfortunately that also means I have invested lots of time and money into this comic and it is not recovered its own cost to self-publish. I invested in square-bound prints of our comics, posters, and tee shirts back in 2019 and early 2020 for selling at conventions, thinking this would help us spread the brand name and grow as a comic. Unfortunately recent years did not go as planned and has set us back financially as well as hurting our morale. We need this time now to recover and hopefully come back stronger someday.
Until then, if anyone is interested in buying a Geeks and Goblins tee shirt, poster, or a copy of our trade paperbacks for Frost Impressions or Raiders of the Story Arc, please email us directly. If any of you have knowledge of web design that would help us reach a greater audience, we would be happy for some assistance. Otherwise we hope we can eventually bring you the rest of the adventures of the Veiled Hand some day and ask that you check on us once in a while in hopes of updates to the comic.
-Jeremy Hawkins