Greetings Goblinoids,


I know we just posted the cover to the new issue but we’re going to hold off on Page 1 until next week so we don’t have a Page 1 then off a week for the con, then page 2. So we’re posing this little KantCon announcement for this week. If you or anyone you know that’s into games and are within the Overland Park, KS area next weekend you should come out and say hi, and perhaps game with us. I (Jonathan) as announced last week will be running a one shot based on Chapter 1: Frost Impressions. For more information and signup info for the game go to¬† the game I am running is called Heart of Ice – Masks: A New Generation (PbtA). The game is running on the Powered by the Apocalypse system which if you have not played is an absolute hoot to run and play in. I hope to see everyone there.