Sorry again for the late update. Still trying to find my motivation. I think the cancellations we ave had to made and the lack of interaction with my friends has really begun to get to me. I have problems drawing things until the last minute and have issues even drawing things just for myself. Though I have had progress recently. I will continue to strive to bring you the best possible comic that I can, but it has become tough lately. I enjoy doing this and hope you all continue to enjoy the story as It progresses.


You may notice that the colors are complete but the shading is absent on the characters in the foreground. I started work on this page at 8:30 AM and worked on it all day to the point where my eyes are completely crossed as I post this at 11:37 PM at night. I will work on this tomorrow after I get off work and post the finalized version then. Until then enjoy this partially completed page.


Updated with finished image 08/10/2020 8:16 PM CST